BNI Plataran X Trail • 2017

Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017 @ 05.30
7.1K • IDR.500rb / USD.56
25K • IDR.350rb / USD.40
50K • IDR.150rb / USD.17
• COT. 11 Hours •• Trail Run
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*BNI Card Holder program:
7.1KM Buy 1 get 2 for all credit card type
25KM & 50KM: Disc 20% for all credit card type
Friday, 21 July @ 10:00 a.m. to midnight at Plataran Menjangan Resort
BNI Plataran X Trail • 2017 ??? ???????? ? ????? • 2017 Plataran L’ Harmonie proudly presents the 1st edition of Plataran X Trail in West Bali National Park on Saturday, 22 July 2017. A brand new annual and international trail running event that caters for runners of all levels and sheds a bright spotlight on environmental consciousness and sustainability. Upon finishing a race of choice, each single participant will be invited to release a baby turtle into the waters surrounding the Plataran L’ Harmonie Resort.

The Plataran X Trail in West Bali National Park is a genuine trail run with a mixture of forest paths, beach and rainforest single trail. There will be almost no tarmac road or concrete in the final race course. Elevation gain in West Bali NP is limited, but there are a few hills to be negotiated nonetheless to add some spice and to offer some breathtaking views of the coastal area. Brief, this is a very runnable course in a very beautiful setting that will appeal to trail lovers of all levels. Please note that while the cut-off time of 11 hours is generous, hiking the whole course will not be feasible within the timeframe.
BNI Plataran X Trail • 2017 - Map 50K
BNI Plataran X Trail • 2017 - Map 50K
BNI Plataran X Trail • 2017 - Map 50K

Reserve your space Ms. Eva +62.813.3780.0379 (telp, sms, whatsapp) #BPXT2017 BNI Plataran X Trail – 22 Juli 2017

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