Bromo Desert Race • 2023

14 Oktober 2023
Padang Pasir Bromo – Ngadisari, Kec. Sukapura, Kab. Probolinggo, Jawa Timur
Desert/Trail Run
  • 10K ∙ Fun Run
    EG.350m • COT∙3h:0m
    IDR∙500/600rb ∙ USD.60/65
  • 25K ∙ Race Run
    EG.640m • COT∙5h:0m
    IDR∙650/800rb ∙ USD.65/80
  • 50K ∙ Race Run
    Open / Master 50+
    EG.1220m • COT∙10h:0m
    IDR∙900/1100rb ∙ USD.90/100
Limited Slots!
  • Early Bird ends 6 Ags 2023
  • Online 🎫
  • Reg. ends 30 Sep 2023
💳 Bib 🛍 GoodieBag 🧢 Cap 🏅 Finisher Medal 👕 Top 100 Finisher Jersey* 🥤 Hydration
Mantra – Malang Trail Runners
Bromo Desert Race • 2023

Bromo Desert Race • 2023

Bromo Desert Race 50! An ultra trail running race at the one and only, high altitude desert in the beautiful Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park – Indonesia, at an altitude of 2100 masl.
Prepare to be mesmerized as you traverse the stunning Bromo desert during this epic race. The Bromo desert nestled within the Tengger caldera, boast ethereal vistas with its vast stretches of black volcanic sand and ancient lava fields. As you take on the challenge, the surreal beauty of the desert will inspire and motivate you to conquer every meter of the course.
Started and finished at Bromo Desert. While stunning scenery promises an unforgetable experience, the BRODER50 race also come with its own challenges. October marks the height of the hot summer season, adding the intensity of the race. Runners will navigate sandy course which demand mental fortitude and physical prowess.
BRODER50 organized by MANTRA – Malang Trail Runners, a trail running community that has a wealth of experience in organizing mountain ultra running events. MANTRA comprise from bunch of trail runners, based in Malang with vast experience in competing in the race as well as organizing a race.
MANTRA design BRODER50 from the foot of trail runner, to make the race as what runners looking for. Running around beautiful Gunung Bromo and most of the part of its desert.
Embrace the challenges and emerge as a triumphant trail conqueror!

👟 Bromo Desert Race • 2023
50K 👟 Nama_Lomba_Lari 2023 25K 👟 Nama_Lomba_Lari 2023 10K 👟 Nama_Lomba_Lari 2023            
Bromo Desert Race
 •  14 Oktober 2023
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