Ciremai Trail Run ~ 2016

07 Agustus 2016
Monkey Forest Cibeureum, Kuningan, Cirebon – Jawa Barat
10K • 100 Slots • Elev.343m • COT. 3.5Hours
25K • 300 Slots • Elev.1084m • COT. 7Hours
– Gathering / Trail Run
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until 25 Juni 2016 & pay as you wish* @ ciremaitrail/registration
6-7 August 2016 @ Cibeureum Monkey Forest
CORE – Cirebon Runners Club

Ciremai Trail Run • 2016

Run wild through the foothills of the Majestic Mt Ciremai, just a 30 minute drive from Cirebon.

Our 25km and 10km course will take you through a beautiful and challenging journey along jungle tracks, untamed hills and valleys.

The run will start and finish at Cibeureum camping grounds, colloquially known as the Cibeureum monkey forest, Linggarjati area, Kuningan, West Java.
Ciremai Trail Run will be West Java’s Premier Trail Run gathering. With the help of sponsors and dedicated volunteers the run fee for this event is “pay as you wish”.

Be part of a unique model for run events that is centered on the values of trust, generosity and respect that gives people the opportunity to participate in a running event regardless of their financial situation. Why do we do this? Because everyone has a right to feel valued and respected, money should help bring people together not divide us.

Reflect on your feelings and decide how much you want and can contribute to this unique trail running experience Ciremai Trail Run • 07 Agustus 2016

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