Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021

27-28 Maret 2021 @ 17.00~10.00
Februari 2022
transfer reg. ends Juli 2021
reg. reopen Agustus 2021

Beach/Mix/Trail Run
  • 5K • COT∙2h:0m
    Individu • IDR∙200/300/400rb
  • 13K • EG.±247m • COT∙4h:0m
    Individu • IDR∙300/400/500rb
  • 25K • EG.±668m • COT∙6h:0m
    Individu • IDR∙400/500/600rb
    Team* • IDR∙1600/2000/2400rb
  • 50K • ITRA.2
     •  EG.±1638m • COT∙12h:0m
    Individu • IDR∙600/700/800rb
    Team* • IDR∙2400/2800/3200rb
  • 70K • ITRA.3
     •  EG.±2389m • COT∙17h:0m
    Individu • IDR∙750/850/950rb
Limited Slots!
💳 Bib 👕 Finisher Jersey 🏅 Finisher Medals 🥤 Refreshment 🚍 Transport
🏬 @ 25/26 Maret 2021 @ 10.00-20.00
In each category Top 3 winners will be drawn: male, female, team race.
TRY – Trail Runners Yogyakarta

CTC 2021 only for Indonesian runners only (could be change later depends on situation).
  • *For team, consist of 4 runners with min. 1 female.
  • You have to bring your own folding cup / hydration bottle because we don’t provide any plastic glass.
  • All participants must show non-reactive rapid test result or certificate of health.
  • Drop bags are only for the 50K & 70K category, must be collected by the runners itself and no later than 1 hour before race starts.
  • Race Cancelation due to Covid-19 automatically transferred the participant of CTC2021 to CTC2022 and the BIB could be transferred to others name and downgrade the race category in specific period settled by committee.
  • There is no closing track for the public when the event takes place. Do not damage any property located along the Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra race route.

Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021

Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021

Siapkan mental dan fisik karena diawal tahun 2021 ada yang menarik.
Hujan dan gelap menjadi paket pelengkap keseruan.
Tetap jaga kondisi agar pandemi ini segera terlewati.
COAST TO COAST NIGHT TRAIL ULTRA is an iconic running event held in the southern part of Yogyakarta.
Trail Runners Yogyakarta (TRY) designed Coast to Coast for the first time in February 2015 with the aim of bringing together runners from various regions to meet in an event titled Gatherings Race. Gathering Race is a race that is managed by gathering or meeting approaches. Bringing up a competitive aura of kinship.
On the Coast to Coast Night Trail Ultra 2021, it not only tests physical and mental challenges, but will also give a family impression that is hard to forget.
70K - Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021 50K - Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021 25K - Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021 13K - Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra • 2021

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Coast To Coast Night Trail Ultra
27-28 Maret 2021

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