Gede Pangrango 100 Ultra โ€ข 2019

06-08 Desember 2019
Vertical/Trail Run
  • 25K / 1 lap โ€ข EG.2500m+
    08 Dec, 06:00 โ€ข COT.9h0m โ€ข ITRA.2
  • 50K / 2 lap โ€ข EG.5000m+
    07 Dec, 21:00 โ€ข COT.18h0m โ€ข ITRA.3
  • 100K / 4 lap โ€ข EG.10000m+
    07 Dec, 01:00 โ€ข COT.38h0m โ€ข ITRA.5
  • 125K / 5 lap โ€ข EG.12500m+
    06 Dec, 15:00 โ€ข COT.48h0m โ€ข ITRA.6
Early Bird ends 15 July 2019
Reg. ends 06 Oct 2019
Online ๐ŸŽซ gedepangrango100โˆ™com
Permit Fee, Insurance, Event tee, Bib, Finishers Medal + Tee, Medical, Water Station

Gede Pangrango 100 Ultra โ€ข 2019

Gede Pangrango 100 Ultra โ€ข 2019

Berlari di kawasan Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango (TNGP) merupakan kesempurnaan sekaligus tantangan bagi mental dan fisik.

Located 84 kilometers south of the Jakarta city or about 2.5 hours drive, the mountain labeled “Play ground” trail Runner it offers complete package.

The Sixth Edition of Gede Pangrango (GP) Ultra 100 will be held on 6-8 December 2019, you will running throughout the sound of fallen foliage, the damp soil, the warm sandy volcanic pebbles, the rocky and slippery trails, the sound of a cold River stream, the waterfall splash, to the epic crossing the flow of hot water.

Gede Pangrango National Park is located in two mountains – alongside the Mount Gede (2,958 MASL) and Mount Pangrango (3,019 MASL). The path to both peaks of the mountain separated in a saddle area at the Kandang Badak (2,400 MASL). Slightly below the peaks there is a valley of grassland Mandalawangi 2980 MASL and Suryakencana 2700 MASL.

Gede Pangrango National Park also has craters, lakes, and marshes. Puncak Gede is the perfect open spot to see the Sunrise and Sunset โ€” if not foggy. While the peak of Mount Pangrango is more enclosed but becomes a habitat of Javanese eagles.

Jadi tunggu apalagi, ambil bagian dan dapatkan slot berlari diatas awan di โ€œtaman bermainโ€ TNGP. Menghirup wangi bunga edelweis dari dekat dan menyesap hangat kaldu sop ayam di Suryakencana bersama kru GP100 2019.      
Gede Pangrango 100 Ultra
 โ€ข  06-08 Desember 2019

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