Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon โ€ข 2020

11-12 April 2020
Altitude/Trail Run
  • GPU 62K Gepang Ultra
    EG.5900m โ€ข COT.26h:0m โ€ข iTRA.4
    Indonesian. IDR.1250rb / USD.125
    Foreigner. IDR.1750rb / USD.175
  • GPT 43K Gepang Trail
    EG.4260m โ€ข COT.19h:0m โ€ข iTRA.3
    Indonesian. IDR.900rb / USD.90
    Foreigner. IDR.1400rb / USD.140
  • GPF 24K Gepang Fun
    EG.2200m โ€ข COT.11h:0m โ€ข iTRA.2
    Indonesian. IDR.750rb / USD.75
    Foreigner. IDR.1250rb / USD.125
  • GPH 21K Gepang Hooray
    EG.675m โ€ข COT.5h:0m โ€ข iTRA.1
    Indonesian. IDR.500rb / USD.50
    Foreigner. IDR.750rb / USD.75
Reg. ends 29 Feb 2020
Race Apparels โ€ข Bib โ€ข Insurance โ€ข Medical Check โ€ข Finisher Medals โ€ข Finisher Vest for GPU/GPT โ€ข Hydration โ€ข Conservation Donation
Sentul Ultra Trail Running Academy (SUTRA) + Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango (TNGGP)

Special Medal to all participant who finish the race under ~
  • GPU 62K : Gold < 17h0m / Silver < 21h0m
  • GPT 43K : Gold < 11h0m / Silver < 15h0m
  • GPF 24K : Gold < 6h0m / Silver < 8h0m
General Qualification :in order to register, it is necessary to have gained the required number of ITRA / UTMB points for maximum 2 races by finishing, between 01/01/2016 and 01/12/2019 exclusively.
  • GPU 62K : 3 ITRA / UTMB points
  • GPT 43K : 2 ITRA / UTMB points
  • GPF 24K : 1 ITRA / UTMB points
  • GPH 21K : have completed 10K running race

Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon โ€ข 2020

Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon โ€ข 2020

The Annual Ultra Sky Trail Running Race is Back Again this Year

Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon will be started from Selabintana – Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, Cibodas, West Java, Indonesia.
Catch the beautiful sunrise at the summit of Mount Gede by joining โ€œGede Pangrango Ultra Marathonโ€. 21K, 24K ,43K ,62K

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Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon
 โ€ข  11-12 April 2020

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