Gili Beach Colour Run • 2019

28 Ags 2019 reschedule
20 Oktober 2019
5K • Fun Run
Silver IDR.150rb
• T-Shirt + Wrist Band
  • Gold IDR.175rb
    • Silver + Selendang Sasak
  • Premium IDR.200rb
    • Gold + Powder + Bag
Andre. 087765438105
Noval. 082145937363
Arve. 081238316717
[email protected]
Gili Beach Colour Run • 2019

Gili Beach Colour Run • 2019

Get ready GILI BEACH COLOUR RUN for the most colorful fun-filled day of your life!

You’ll have more colour on you than your happy levels can handle! So get your friends and family stretched out for this amazing color blast event where you’ll get blasted with colour.
Don’t miss your chance to be blasted at every colour station throughout this awesome 5K run.

Tell your girlfriends, your bro’s, your friends, and your family cause we’re bringing a color fun experience to your life that you never knew existed! The Amazing Venue 5 km Tiny island of Tropical Gili Air Island is welcoming you ! Have Fun, Share Love and Happiness !!

Instagram #GiliBeachColourRun Gili Beach Colour Run
 â€¢  20 Oktober 2019

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