International Women’s Day Run • 2019

March 8th is International Women’s Day
Around the World
Gathering/Fun Run
3K/4K/5K Easy Run
pliz contact your local/nearest community
International Women’s Day • 2019

International Women’s Day Run • 2019

Time to celebrate women’s achievements across all aspects and strive for equality. We warmly invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 with us!

We run to celebrate women from sun up to sun down, from heart to heart. And we invite everyone to join us to celebrate our day because we’ll build a strong sisterhood and let’s share the world the strength of women – pass the word to your sisters, mothers, brothers, partners, friends – the IWDRUN is a way to move together connect and honour women’s rights and existence in this world.
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08 Maret 2019 09 Maret 2019

Let’s run together to celebrate women’s equal rights to move and be free in the world - to acknowledge strength and compassion, freedom and gratitude for sisters all over the world.

Women rights are human rights. Let's do it again! Relay the pride to be a woman. International Women’s Day • 08 Maret 2019

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