Jatiluhur Trail โ€ข 2017

30 September 2017
42K โ€ข COT.9hours โ€ข IDR.600rb
15K โ€ข COT.4hours โ€ข IDR.500rb
โ€ขโ€ข Trail Run
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Open until 11 September 2017
Online. bit.ly/jatiluhurtrail
Jungle Marathon Indonesia

Jatiluhur Trail โ€ข 2017

Jatiluhur Trail โ€ข 2017

Jatiluhur Trail is an exciting, amazing challenge. Second time in Indonesia, race through Jatiluhur lake and along the shores of the lake with views of the mountains around the lake. โ€‹ The finish line of Jatiluhur Trail is located in a forest at the edge of Jatiluhur Dam. Participants will be picked up back to Jatiluhur Resto from the finish line using boat or bus. โ€‹
Jatiluhur Trail โ€ข 2017 Brutaleers, join us in the Jatiluhur Trail. Join amazing race in west java. Just less than 2 hour by car from Jakarta to the starting line through Cipularang Highway.

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