Mantra Summits Challenge • 2020/2021

11-12 Juli 2020 ! POSTPONE!
10-11 Juli 2021 !

Altitude/Trail Run
  • 21K
    IDR.650/750rb • USD.$65/75
  • 35K+ • ITRA.2
    EG.2885m • COT.14h:30m
    IDR.800/950rb • USD.$90/110
  • 55K • ITRA.3
    EG.4190m • COT.18h:00m
    IDR.900/1100rb • USD.$90/110
  • 75K • ITRA.4
    EG.5680m • COT.24h:00m
    IDR.1150/1350rb • USD.$115/135
  • 116K+ • ITRA.5
    EG.8050m • COT.35h:00m
    IDR.1300/1600rb • USD.$130/160
Early Bird ends 16 Feb 2020
Mantra / Malang Trail Runners
  • 116K : Have complete MSC 55K or trail race min. 50K, or Triathlon min. half iron distance.
  • 75K : Have complete MSC 35K or trail race min. 30K
  • 55K/35K : Have complete trail race min. 21K or road marathon 42K
  • 21K : Have complete trail race min. 10K or road marathon 21K

MSC116 - Mantra Summits Challenge • 2020

MSC116 – Mantra Summits Challenge • 2020/2021

The 5th edition Mantra Summits Challenge bringing few new stuffs to you: the twenty one category. This 21K upgrading the existing 15K.
All category will circulating around Arjuno-Welirang. The well known complex of mountain with its beautiful view but yet very challenging elevation profile to reach both peak of Welirang and Arjuno.
In this edition, the category 35, 55, 75 and 116K will earn UTMB point. To those planning to compete in Mont Blanc, this race is for you!
Normally Mount Arjuno is reached from three climbing points, Lawang, Tretes and Batu. In the MSC category you will climb up Welirang from Kaliandra resort then united with Tretes climbing point. Then going down to Cangar-Batu, climb up back again towards Arjuno peak and going down hill via Lali Jiwo forest-Budug Asus towards UB forest. You literally exploring Arjuno-Welirang from all climbing points!
Furthermore, the 116K and 75K will be an Indonesia Super Trail of Asia Trail Master. This mean there will be 50 point additional any of you finishing both race.
And by registering MSC 35K, 55K, 75K or 116K, you can opt to join Mantra Skyrace Seri #3 – The Welirang for FREE.      
Mantra Summits Challenge
Juli 2020/2021
IG. #MantraSummitsChallenge

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