MasteRun – Exo Series โ€ข 2017

10 Desember 2017
10M 40+ โ€ข COT.5h0m โ€ข IDR.350/600rb
10K 40+ โ€ข COT.4h0m โ€ข IDR.300/400rb
5K Open โ€ข COT.2h0m โ€ข IDR.250/350rb
โ€ขโ€ข Fun/Road Run
Open until 12 November 2017 โ€ข
Divertone + MXP

MasteRun - Exo Series โ€ข 2017

MasteRun – Exo Series โ€ข 2017

Introducing MasteRun – Exo Series, Extra-ordinary Running Event for extra-ordinary runners. This running event is specially create for all runners aged 40 and up, no bachelor allowed. It’s time for you, the MASTER, to celebrate the beginning of life phase and the 40 years of good life you had conquer. The event will be held on 10 Dec 2017, @ Parkir Timur Mall @ Alam Sutera. The course it self will took place around the shady-green-refreshing area of Alam Sutera. There will be 3 categories you can choose, 10 Miles and 10K (for 40+ only), 5K open for public (12+). In each categories there will be 3 winner of first, second, and third fastest runners. If you are a slow runner, we have the best costume prize for 3 winners from all category. [countdown event=”MasteRun – Exo Series โ€ข 10 Desember 2017″ date=”10 December 2017″]

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