MesaStila 100 • 2020

09-11 Oktober 2020

Altitude/Ultra/Trail Run
09 Okt 2020
  • 170K • UTMB.6
     •  EG.13250m • COT.48h:0m
    10 Okt 2020
  • 120K • UTMB.6
     •  EG.10340m • COT.36h:0m
  • 75K • UTMB.4
     •  EG.6120m • COT.22h:0m
    11 Okt 2020
  • 50K • UTMB.3
     •  EG.2960m • COT.12h:0m
  • 25K • UTMB.1
     •  EG.1360m • COT.7h0m
  • 12K • UTMB.0
     •  EG.555m • COT.3h0m
Early Bird Disc.20%
ends 31 Mei 2020
Race T-Shirt • Bib • GoodieBag • Finisher Medals + T-Shirt • Hydration + Refreshment
Qualifications : Participants are required to have completed road / trail race with minimum distance of
  • 170K : 100K Trail Race
  • 120K : 70K Trail Race
  • 75K : 50K Trail/Road Race
  • 50K : 21K Trail/Road Race
  • 25K/12K : No qualification is required.
MesaStila100 is a very tough route, runners MUST prepare themselves physically and psychologically, and are strongly advised to read more and educate themselves with the nature and challenges of trail run.

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Dear Participants of MesaStila100, We would like to thank you very much for the trust and supporting MesaStila100. MesaStila100 was scheduled to be held on 9th to 11th October 2020 with 6 race categories encompass; 170K, 120K, 75K, 50K, 25K and 12K. We have already met with related parties including local authorities in areas that are part of the MesaStila100 routes, with the consideration that the covid-19 pandemic cannot be predicted when it will end in Indonesia, with regret that we have to cancel the MesaStila100 in 2020. With this cancellation, we are pleased to offer the following options to participants who have registered: 1. We will allocate your payment to participate in MesaStila100 in 2021 with the same race category that you registered for 2020. (You will receive an automatic confirmation of registration 2021 and payment by email after the registration 2021 is opened), 2. We will return the 2020 registration fee to your bank account less the interbank transfer fee. Note: Please choose one of the options by clicking on the MesaStila100 website – Join us to take necessary actions to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Our prayers for you and all your loved ones to be in good health. Once again, thank you very much for your kind attention and support. Kind regards, The Management

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MesaStila 100 • 2020

MesaStila 100 • 2020

To keep our imagination alive and motivation stay strong. We all hope the outbreak will end soon and life get back to normal.
Mesastila100 is a unique and extreme trail running event that aims to challenge the inner spirit and the physical condition in the heart of Java.
This year’s races will definitely be more challenging and offer more beautiful Javanese scenery, with five categories 170K/120K/75K/50K/25K/12K. Escape onto unused tracks, overgrown jungle trails, small village roads, rice paddies, cross and climb up to five mountains in Central Java Mt. Andong 1726m, Mt. Merbabu 3145m, Mt. Merapi 2930m, Mt. Telomoyo 1894m, Mt. Gilipetung 1400m and finishing in the retreat of MesaStila.
Stay safe.. stay active and fit.
See You again the 10th editions of MesaStila100, October 9-11.2020.

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MesaStila 100
09-11 Oktober 2020

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