MesaStila Peaks Challenge ~ 2016

08-09 October 2016
Mesastila Wellness Retreat – Magelang – Jawa Tengah
100K • MesaStila 5 peaks challenge • COT:32hours
65K • MesaStila 4 peaks challenge • COT:18hours
42K • MesaStila Marathon • COT:12hours
21K • MesaStila Half Marathon • COT:6hours
11K • MesaStila Trail Run • COT:3hours • Trail Run / Vertical Race
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Closed • Until 08 September 2016

MesaStila Peaks Challenge 2016

MesaStila Peaks Challenge โ€ข 2016

MesaStila Peaks Challenge 2016 is a unique and extreme trail running event that aims to challenge the inner spirit and the physical condition in the heart of Java. This yearโ€™s races will definitely be more challenging and offer more beautiful Javanese scenery, with five categories 100K/65K/42K/42K/21K/11K Escape onto unused tracks, overgrown jungle trails, small village roads, rice paddies, cross and climb up to five mountains in Central Java: Mt. Andong (1726 m), Mt. Merbabu (3145 m), Mt. Merapi (2930 m), Mt. Telomoyo (1894 m) and Mt. Gilipetung (1400 m) with a cumulative gain of up to 7758 m, finishing in the retreat of MesaStila.
Kategori Lomba:
1. MesaStila 5 peaks challenge 100K (Sabtu-Minggu 8-9 Oktober 2016) COT 32jam
2. MesaStila 4 peaks challenge 65K (Sabtu-Minggu 8-9 Oktober 2016) COT 18jam
3. MesaStila Marathon 42K (Minggu 9 Oktober 2016) COT 12jam
4. MesaStila Half Marathon 21K (Minggu 9 Oktober 2016) COT 6jam
5. MesaStila Trail Run 11K (Minggu 9 Oktober 2016) COT 3jam MesaStila Peaks Challenge โ€ข 08-09 October 2016

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