Mud Warrior ~ 2017

18 Februari 2017
5K / 10K • • Obstacle Trail Run
• Online
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Mud Warrior 2017

Mud Warrior • 2017

Introducing you the Mud Warrior – an obstacle course racing where anyone can start and everyone can finish. We have reinvented the concept of traditional road race and created a revolution: it isn’t about the distance, it’s about challenging yourself, simply your next mental transformation!
Mud Warrior Obstacle Races is a running-based event that incorporate a series of physical challenges, natural and man-made obstacles, along the race route. Common obstacles include mud, walls, tunnels, hurdles, monkey bars, carrying heavy objects, hills, ropes, cargo nets, and slides. Registration opens for man & woman above the age of 16 years old and will be competing in two categories.
CONQUER 15 obstacles spread over a course of 5 KM in Sentul highland terrain and wade through muddy off-roads as you make your loop to the finish line. This military inspired obstacle course is created to test the toughness, adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts of any level as a weekend challenge.
For you who are Hardcore Warriors with extra adrenaline, may join the ‘Pro Runners’ slot with 10K (2x5K loops) and win prizes from sponsors. Mud Warrior
 •  18 Februari 2017

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