Plataran X Trail Borobudur • 2019

06-07 April 2019
100K/50K/16K • Trail Run
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Plataran X Trail Borobudur • 2019

Plataran X Trail Borobudur • 2019

Plataran Borobudur, located in Magelang Regency in the heart of Central Java, surrounded by spellbinding landscape of rolling hills and volcanic peaks.

Borobudur Temple, the largest and most iconic Buddhist temple in the world, remains one of Indonesia’s most visited destinations. Head to the top of nearby Punthuk Setumbu hill for a spectacular sunrise view of this magnificent monument, and visit its sister temples, Mendut and Pawon.
The region is also home to the awe-inspiring Prambanan Hindu temple complex, worthy of a day trip, driving through stunning scenery.

Don’t miss the attractions of the neighbouring city of Magelang, including several historical sites from the Dutch colonial era. The resort’s picturesque location also makes it a great base for outdoor adventures. Plataran X Trail Borobudur
 •  06-07 April 2019
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