Ramadan Virtual Race • 2020

01-21 Mei 2020
Bebas / Anywhere (GPS Base)
10K/21K • Charity/Virtual Race
Strava Challenge
Reg. ends 21 Mei 2020
  • The Race is FREE
*With optional donation where you’ll get FINISHER medal
  • Go to: kitabisa.com/indonesialawancorona & make donation.
  • Min. Donation : Individu IDR.100rb / Team. IDR.200rb
  • Screen capture the proof of donation, and submit it in the registration form.
*Finisher Medals • Doorprize
Indonesia Triathlon Series

Charity  |  KitaBisa!  |  Selamatkan Nyawa Sesama! #BersamaLawanCorona
The ITS Virtual Run Race is FREE for participants, with an optional donation for covid-19 where you’ll get yourself a FINISHER medal (an actual one).
  • The minimum distance to submit your time is 1 KM.
  • Individuals/Teams will earn ITS points, with options Corporate Challenge for Teams
  • You will need to have a GPS-enabled device, phone, or smartwatch, and a STRAVA account. If you are using smartwatch, please make sure it is synched with Strava.
  • If you are going to do it outdoor, please wear your mask, and do the activities individually (not in groups).
  • If you were a participant at the Palembang Triathlon 2020 or ITS VR Duathlon Race, please use the same email address you used for your registration.

Ramadan Virtual Race • 2020

ITS VR Series – Ramadan Virtual Race • 2020

The ITS Virtual Race is back again! How to run a half-marathon during Ramadan? Split them into 21 days! Afterall, 1K a day keeps the doctors away, you know.
You can run a total of 10K or 21K. Split them into whatever days you want between the period.
As always, registration is free. There is an optional donation for covid-19 where you’ll get yourself a finisher medal (the actual one). So do good for your health and the wellbeing of others during this holy month.
Pick the race distance that suit you, 10K or 21K. Split them into whatever days you want between the period. Just remember, you have to have at least 1KM on your activity when you submit your time.
Indonesia Triathlon Series (ITS) Virtual Run Series is for everyone, with any level of experience, to compete in a 10K or 21K race at their own pace. Run the distance indoors or outdoors. The ITS Virtual Race Run Series gives you the flexibility to run in a race, at your own pace, and in your own space.

Ramadan Virtual Race • 2020

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Ramadan Virtual Race
 •  01-21 Mei 2020

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