Rinjani 100 Ultra โ€ข 2020

26-28 Juni 2020
Start. 75K/117.7K : Belanting Beach, Belanting, Sambelia
Start. 27K/36K / All Finish : Sembalun Lawang, Sembalun โ€ข Kab. Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat
Vertical/Ultra/Trail Run
  • 27K โ€ข UTMB Pts:2
     โ€ข  COT.9h:0m โ€ข EG.1703m
    IDR.720/870/1000/1150rb /
  • 36K โ€ข UTMB Pts:2
     โ€ข  COT.15h:0m โ€ข EG.2761m
    IDR.840/990/1120/1270rb /
  • 75K โ€ข UTMB Pts:5
     โ€ข  COT.25h:0m โ€ข EG.8467m
    IDR.1600/1750/1850/2000rb /
  • 117.7K โ€ข UTMB Pts:6
     โ€ข  COT.40h:0m โ€ข EG.12345m
    IDR.1900/2050/2150/2300rb /
Early Bird ends 08 Sep 2020
Event Tee โ€ข Bib โ€ข National Park Permit โ€ข Finisher Medals โ€ข Insurance โ€ข Shuttle to Start for 117.7K & 75K

Qualifications: Participants are required to have completed at least one of the following
117.7K :
  • Rinjani 100: 100K / 75K / 36K
  • Ultra trail race: min. 42K
  • Triathlon minimum iron distance
75K :
  • Trail race: min. 21K
  • Road Marathon 42K
36K / 27K :
  • No qualification is required, but Mount Rinjani is a very tough route, runners MUST prepare themselves physically and psychologically, and are strongly advised to read more and educate themselves with the nature and challenges of trail run.

Rinjani 100 Ultra โ€ข 2020

Rinjani 100 Ultra โ€ข 2020

Rinjani 2020, the revive edition, will take place on 26-28 June 2020.

The combination between a classic route of 27K, 36K, andโ€”the one that you waiting forโ€”pristine course the 75K and 117,7K (sea to summit).
Prepare yourself to step in your path at our best scenario: the summit of Mt. Rinjani, but If we have to reroute,it is just because for safety reason.

As people say โ€œGetting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatoryโ€ safely.

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Rinjani 100 Ultra
 โ€ข  26-28 Juni 2020

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