Sentul Pandemic Ultra • 2021

26-27 Juni 2021
Remote/Trail Run
  • 101K • SPU100 • ITRA.5
    COT∙32h:0m • EG.±7110m
  • 71K • SPU70 • ITRA.4
    COT∙22h:0m • EG.±4830m
Limited Slots! Only 25 Participants.
SUTRA – Sentul Ultra Trail Running Academy x Run For Indonesia – RFI Trail

  • Self-Support! – No RPC, No WS, No Marka, No Marshall, No Medic that provided by Organiser.
  • Race is open to public, 18 years 2021 or older on the race day, in good health and can complete the race without getting lost.
  • This race is prioritized to any person who was listed on UTMB sistem registration from 2015 to 2021.
  • In order to register, it is necessary to have gained the required number of cumulative SPU100.8 / SPU70.6 ITRA / UTMB new system points (maximum 2 or 3 races) by finishing, between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2019 exclusively, and one race must has min SPU100.4 / SPU70.3 ITRA points. Check ITRA point at
  • VVIP participants are not neccesary to have any ITRA point qualification.
  • Team support or WS that provided by runner (not by organiser) only allow at certain stations (CISADON VILLAGE, PANIISAN HILL, HAMERANG PLACE (WARUNG PAK ACU), GUNUNG PANCAR VILLAGE AND PENDOPO CIHERANG).
  • Outside support by family and friends is allowed. Non-registered runner or support may not run alongside racers, only pacer allowed.
  • All participants! runners, pacer and team support crew has to show Covid19 Vaccine Certificate or Swab Antigen Uptodate Test Result Certificate by 26 June 2021.
Sentul Pandemic Ultra • 2021

Sentul Pandemic Ultra • 2021

Sentul Hill Trail Run is trail running race at Sentul highland area, Bogor district, West Java. This trail running race is an annual trail running race at sentul highland area.
In this year during Pandemic Covid_19, there is sub-race that have 2 categories : SENTUL PANDEMIC ULTRA 100 (SPU100) CATEGORY (ITRA ENDURANCE POINT 5) and SENTUL PANDEMIC ULTRA 70 (SPU 70) CATEGORY (ITRA ENDURANCE POINT 4).
All categories will be departed and finish at Pendopo Ciherang Resort, Desa Karang Tengah, Kecamatan Babakan Madang, Bogor.
Race categories are race challenge, non championship race and SELF SUPPORT or FULL AUTONOMY race. Sentul Pandemic Ultra
 •  26-27 Juni 2021
IG. #SentulPandemicTrail

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