UI Trail Race • 2024

10-11 Agustus 2024
Foothill Forest – Cafe & Resort – Bojong Koneng, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor, Jawa Barat.
Trail Run
Fun Trail
  • 5K • IDR∙250rb
    COT∙2h:30m • EG.180m+ • WS.1
  • 10K • IDR∙450rb
    COT∙6h:0m • EG.650m+ • WS.2
Race Trail
  • 20K • IDR∙650rb
    COT∙10h:0m • EG.1500m+ • WS.3
  • 40K • IDR∙900rb
    COT∙14h:0m • EG.2400m+ • WS.4
  • 80K • IDR∙1100rb
    COT∙24h:0m • EG.4500m+ • WS.9
Limited Slots!
💳 Bib 👕 Jersey 🏅 Finisher Medal 🥤 Hydration
🏬  09 Ags 2024 @ AEON Sentul City – Babakan Madang, Bogor.
🗓  10 Ags 2024 @ Foothill Forest – Babakan Madang, Bogor.
UI Trail Runners x ILUNI UI
Qualification! Open to men/women 18yo+ on race day, n’ in good health.
Participants must have completed
  • 80K! 50km+ Trail Race
  • 40K! 25km+ Trail Race
  • 20K! 15km+ Trail Race
  • 10K/5K! No qualification is required, but note that UI Trail Race has a challenging route, runners MUST prepare themselves physically and psychologically, and are strongly advised to read further the race conditions.
The organizer has the exclusive right to approve/reject registrations, including the right to grant dispensation (with careful consideration) for those who do not meet the qualification criteria.

UI Trail Race • 2024

UI Trail Race • 2024

UI Trail Race 2024 is initiated to introduce trail running routes in West Java region, particularly in Sentul. Conveniently located close to the capital city, we hope to welcome not only trail enthusiasts from Jakarta metropolitan and West Java area, but also to4 trail runners from various regions in Indonesia, even internationally.
This event carries the theme “Trail running is for Everyone“ and is fully prepared by trail runners for trail runners alike. We aspire to share and educate that trail running can be enjoyed by trail enthusiasts from all levels of experience, not only by trail runners who have participated in trail running races before but also to warmly welcome all trail and nature enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature in a different way.
Trail running races offers different distances with their own time limits and finishers will be awarded with medals, finisher jerseys and prizes for winners. To support participants during the course, we provide water stations and support in certain points of intersection. The routes at UI Trail Race 2024 event will pass through a fairly familiar trail in the Sentul area, covering Pancar, Paniisan, Cibingbin, Cisadon, and Rawa Gede.
We hope to welcome you and enjoy nature with us together!

Rute 👟 UI Trail Race • 2024
Medali 🏅 UI Trail Race 2024 Jersey 👕 UI Trail Race 2024
Course UITR2024

UI Trail Race
 •  10-11 Agustus 2024
IG. #UITrailRace

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