Unseen Jakarta 3.0 β€’ 2019

30 Juni 2019
Fun/Road Run
  • 5K
    Student – IDR.130/150/170rb
    Couple of 2 – IDR.255/275/295rb
    Group of 3 – IDR.330/350/370rb
  • 10K
    Open – IDR.180/200/220rb
Early Bird ! Sold Out
PreSale ! CLOSE
Normal Fee start 12 Mei 2019
  • Biaya tiket sudah termasuk untuk 2 peserta untuk kategori Couple (Pria & Wanita) dan 3 peserta untuk kategori Group
Online 🎫 bit.ly/2W3pJcn
LINE: alhamdizuhri / WA. +6287886852315
LINE: paulinamnw / WA. +6289604418063
Jersey β€’ Bib β€’ Finisher Medals
for 1st, 2nd & 3rd winner each Category @ male & female

Unseen Jakarta 3.0 β€’ 2019

Unseen Jakarta 3.0 β€’ 2019

LYFE. Live Up Your Life!πŸ™Œ

LYFE Goodness Campaign πŸ“£ Let’s be a part of the change ! How to start ? It’s possible to save our planet by gathering, voice our worries and improve than campaign to others how to save our planet by doing little things and remind each other 😊

Let’s travel back in time to the oldies πŸ’ƒ and Get ready to have some fun in #LYFE2019!
By joining Unseen Jakarta, you’ll get a chance to win a total prize of IDR Rp. 22.500.000. There is a special prize for a runner with the best costume! So prepare your best look to win the nomination!

You’ll be on your way to experience one of the best running competition ever, so don’t miss it!

Your way to experience the greatness of running starts now!

Map Unseen Jakarta 3.0 β€’ 2019

Unseen Jakarta 3.0 β€’ 30 Juni 2019

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