9 Marathons for Bali • 2020

08-16 Agustus 2020
Badung ∙ Bangli ∙ Buleleng ∙ Gianyar ∙ Jembrana ∙ Karangasem ∙ Klungkung ∙ Tabanan ∙ Denpasar • Bali
Charity Events
9 Marathons • 9 Days
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9 Marathons for Bali • 2020

9 Marathons for Bali • 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life for the people of Bali has been forever changed. Every level of society has been affected, with many people not able to even meet their basic daily needs. 9 Marathons for Bali is a unique fundraising event created to raise funds for 9 specially selected charities in Bali. The group ‘Bali Trail Running’ and Thimo Kilberth will run a marathon in each of the 9 districts of Bali all within 9 days. That’s a total of 380 kilometers in 9 days!
Bali’s economy normally derives 80% of its income from tourism. But since March 2020, all tourism activities have essentially stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Countless shops, restaurants and hotels have closed, and the employees have lost their jobs.
Charities that provide important humanitarian aid through their projects and funding are also affected by this economic collapse, as they rely on donations from tourists as well. Simply put, the people of Bali need immediate financial help.
Thimo Kilberth is an ultra-marathon who has called Bali home for almost 20 years. It was his idea to run a marathon in each of the 9 districts of Bali and to present the work of these 9 charities in order to draw attention to the fact that financial support is urgently needed during this crisis situation. The ‘Bali Trail Running‘ group is actively involved in organizing and participating in this event.
The fundraising starts on August 8, 2020 with the first marathon starting out in Karangasem (Northeast Bali), and ends (estimated) on August 16, 2020 in Denpasar.

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9 Marathons for Bali
 â€¢  08-16 Agustus 2020

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